Menodoctor Menopause Clinic

The Menodoctor Clinic offers 45min consultations for perimenopause and menopause.

The clinic was started by Dr Linda Dear as she saw a large need for quality perimenopause and menopause care.

Linda is a certified Menopause Practitioner with The Menopause Society and after her own struggles with perimenopause, she has set-up this dedicated clinic. Her aim is to offer patients individualised and holistic care to help them manage the physical and psychological challenges of this life phase. She also sees patients with premature and surgical menopause, as well as those with complicated medical histories.

Dr Linda offers a comprehensive holistic overview for you, drawing on her vast skills and training.

In 2002, she completed a Psychology degree from the University of Manchester and then worked as a Research Psychologist at the Institute of Psychiatry in Kings College London. She has also completed post-graduate training in the ACT model of psychotherapy. 

In 2011 she graduated from University College London Medical School. She then obtained a Post-graduate diploma from the UK Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2013.

Currently, she is a Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

 To make a booking and for more information, please visit or contact her below:

Tel: 07 571 3133